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We’re not your typical architects, engineers and designers – we’re the creators of tomorrow’s spaces, infused with the energy of the present and the wisdom of the past. Our team, a vibrant collective of young engineers, architects and designers, is rewriting the rules of design. We believe in modern ideals, but our roots run deep in the age-old relationship between people and their surroundings. We design with sustainability, site harmony, user comfort, and Vaastu principles as our compass. It’s about creating spaces that feel alive, that resonate with the way we live today, and that are poised for the future. We’re bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, and our designs are the dynamic result. We’re not just sketching structures; we’re crafting experiences. Our work marries tradition and modernity, creating environments that stand strong over time while embracing the pulse of the modern world. Welcome to a new kind of architecture where energy, innovation, and tradition collide.

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Embark on a tailored design journey with us. We meticulously analyse your needs, conduct in-depth case studies, and grasp your style preferences. Our process includes detailed scope planning and on-site visits for a profound understanding of your project's location. Let us craft a space that seamlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics, exceeding your expectations at every turn."


From detailed planning to inspired design, we utilize site insights and your preferences to create a comprehensive package. This includes a 2D layout for spatial clarity, a curated material board for aesthetics, and bespoke 3D renders tailored to your taste and budget. Experience your vision come to life in a design that blends functionality and style seamlessly.


As we transition to the design phase, we ensure your vision aligns seamlessly with your budget. Our comprehensive design package not only brings your ideas to life with detailed layouts, material boards, and 3D renders but also provides a tentative costing for the entire project. This transparent approach ensures that your dream design is not just imaginative but also practical, fitting perfectly within your financial parameters.


As we embark on the execution phase, our commitment to bringing your vision to life takes centre stage. Organising resources, materials, and skilled manpower tailored to your site location, we meticulously execute every detail of the design. Throughout the process, we keep you informed with regular updates on the progress, ensuring that your dream space seamlessly transforms from a concept to a stunning reality. Trust us to handle every aspect with precision, making your vision an integral part of your living or working space.

About IntelBuild

IntelBUILD Engineering Services LLP is an engineering service-based company that implements modern technology & advanced solutions to solve complex problems. With a team of highly skilled professionals driven by creativity & innovation, our goal is to deliver cost-effective engineering solutions that inspire communities and clients. Over the past 5 years, we have completed more than 21.6 lakh sq. ft of projects while maintaining honesty & aesthetic value. We leverage ultra-modern tools and adopt the latest 3D technologies with software’s like STAAD Pro, ETABS, Tekla, Revit, idea Statica, & RAM connection to provide exceptional quality and skilful design. Our services cover residential, commercial, & industrial projects, adhering to national & international standards such as AISC, ASCE, & European standards & extend to both private and government sectors.

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